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Male Cosmetic Surgery: Male Breast Reduction Surgery on the Increase


On the past few years more and more men are opting to get cosmetic surgery. The three most popular approaches for men are rhinoplasty or nose job; gynaecomastia or male breast reduction; and blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

Official figures back this up. Their figures plastic surgery in Mumbai cost show that in 2010 there was a 7% gain in the number of procedures performed in men, though over all men only accounts for 10 percent of all cosmetic surgery procedures.

Perhaps the most notable thing concerning the BAAPS figures is that the gain in the range of gynaecomastia or male breast reduction procedures occurring. Back in 2010 there has been a 28% growth in such a cosmetic surgery for men. Gynaecomastia – which means male breast enlargement – is clearly a fairly common condition, for that there’s not necessarily an obvious cause.

Men who have gynaecomastia may find it tough to examine their connection with their illness and could choose to search for replies via web search. They will find that infact many teenaged boys are afflicted with breast augmentation, but as they grow older and also reach manhood fewer than 10% have a lasting problem. Butthe incidence of the illness does grow with ageing, increasing to approximately 1 in 3 or more 30% in older men. In exceptional cases, gynaecomastia may be due to different causes, which can include use of certain medicines, a few diseases, and also very infrequent congenital deformities.

Men with gynaecomastia might feel self-conscious and would like to minimise any adverse affect in their physical appearance. For these men, male breast reduction surgery is apparently a favorite choice. Should they decide to go right ahead and possess an initial surgery treatment consultation, the surgeon they select should learn more about the possible sources for the problem with their customer.

Just like with almost any other form of cosmetic surgery much will depend on the person concerned. Therefore, it is necessary that men thoroughly review their expectations of exactly what male breast reduction operation can achieve within their own case before deciding to go ahead.

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